What is GolfProConnect?

GolfProConnect is a complete business management system for Golf professionals.

We give pros their private personalized online booking system, setup in less than 15 minutes.

Some of the features available

Commonly asked feature questions

Lesson Booking

Replace your current paper diary with a fully functional booking system. The GPC pro schedule can be used as a live online "advance pay" booking system, or simply replace your current Paper diary. Every Professional has different business needs so a flexible schedule and booking system is vital.

Business Reporting

Maximize the productivity of your coaching business by monitoring your individual coaching schedule or schedule’s for multiple teaching professionals. Monitor upcoming bookings, cancellations, no shows, your most and least popular services and much more. You have all the tools you need to analyze and streamline your coaching business.

Client Database

Stay in constant contact with current clients and connect with new clients as they search P.G.A pros to connect with via their amateur profiles. Each of your clients have an individual profile which stores, lesson history, lesson notes, online analysis history as well as equipment used and custom fitting status. Customer information is vital for effective advertising of your products and services.

Video Analysis

Give your golf business the innovative tools it needs to cater to the "modern" amateur golfer and create an entirely new stream of income in the process via "online video analysis". Clients upload swing videos to their chosen professional for a fully "analyzed" and "voiced over" online golf lesson. All videos can be analyzed in single or dual video mode.

Live Video Analysis

GPC members can avail of our state of the art IOS app for “in the moment” coaching and feedback. This is a fantastic tool for use during live coaching. All videos can be saved and sent to your GPC account for a full post lesson analysis.


Advertise your business and market your services more effectively.

Lesson Notes

Increase the quality of your lesson experience by easily sending clients lesson notes and drills after each appointment, all notes will be stored specific to each client for your review at any stage in your clients section. Templates of frequently sent lesson notes can be created and saved to further streamline the sending process.

Business Mobility

When you move, now so does your business

Lesson Reminders

Send text and email reminders automatically to your amateurs

Stay Connected

Send quick personalised offers and information on upcoming events, to all or selected clients quickly and easily via the GPC message section.

Coming soon (Planned for 2014)...My Pro shop

This feature gives GPC professionals the ability to upload and display retail items for purchase. Clients can browse a pros online store quickly and easily and purchase products online. This feature has the potential to take a professional’s current pro shop online and dramatically increase sales.